Surveying Experts for Culturally-Informed Search Strategies

The Rhizomes team has been busy with qualitative investigations of search strategies related to Mexican American art. Co-directors, Connie Cortez (UTRGV) and Karen Mary Davalos (UMN), along with project manager, Mary Thomas, organized a series of activities directed at uncovering search strategies. Since conventional strategies obscure or render invisible the art attributed to people of …

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Why Culturally-Informed Search Strategies?

Rhizomes of Mexican American Art since 1848 is a digital portal that will aggregate Mexican American art and related documentation from dozens of digital collections in libraries, archives, and museums located throughout the United States (see Rhizomes Basics). Once live, Rhizomes will enable users to search through collections of Mexican American art housed at Rhizomes …

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Rhizomes Institutional Map, Pt. 1

The map is an important part of Rhizomes As a long-term, decolonial initiative to enhance the online discoverability of Mexican American art, Rhizomes is a growing assembly of various nodes of engagement. (See the “Rhizomes Basics” blog post for more info about our decolonial, post-custodial approach.) We think of nodes as the small yet vital pulses that carry nourishment …

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Mapping Rhizomes

The Rhizomes landscape analysis identified 87 partner institutions, including libraries, archives, and museums (LAM) across the US. Read more about how the map was created and about a crowdsourcing initiative that will help identify even more collections of Mexican-hertiage Art.

Rhizomes Basics

The digital portal project will allow online users to more effectively search for and access Mexican-heritage Art from collections across the US. Read more about how Rhizomes will change the ways we study, curate, and teach Mexican American Art.