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The digital portal will allow online users to more effectively search for and access Mexican-heritage art from collections across the US. Read more about how Rhizomes will change the ways we study, curate, and teach Mexican American Art.
Our landscape analysis identified 87 partner institutions, including libraries, archives, and museums (LAM) across the US. Read more about how the map was created and about a crowdsourcing initiative that will help identify even more collections of Mexican-hertiage art.
Imagined as an alternative to Eurocentric, colonial, or siloed collections, Rhizomes depends upon decolonial methods for collaboration that emphasize equity, transparency, trust, and reciprocity. Read more about how Rhizomes’ Socio-Technical Protocol sets the foundation for maintaining relationships with partner institutions and ensuring technological sustainability.
The Rhizomes Institutional Map is a great starting point for us to begin our approach of building a decolonial model for data management between institutions. It is our hope that with this map and your participation that we can create the space for collectors, archivists, librarians, and content specialists to redesign and remake pathways to carry the digital stewardship of Mexican American art into the future. 
The words you use to search matter. With Rhizomes we are enhancing the discovery of Mexican American art by using culturally-informed search strategies.

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